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We just wanted to say a massive thank you to Radu for all his hard efforts towards our case.

Today thanks to you my Husband got to spend his allocated time with his son.

I have never seen my husband so happy and excited for the first time in five months to spend time with his son.

Your professionalism and strategic planning for his case really paid off.
You represented yourself in such a calm and professional manner on the day of the court hearing and really step up towards his ex’s barrister couldn’t of asked for a better person to represent him on the day.

Thank you again

Nobody wants to be convicted of a crime, based on stupid mistakes.

I’d like to thank Rory for his intelligence and brilliance in court. He was beyond brilliance, and I’d like that to be known to your business.

Many thanks for your help during a troubling time.

I write this letter in appreciation and gratitude of the dedicated work conducted by Alexandra Brand in the handling of my matter. Her persistence and professionalism has resulted an outcome that from many other quarters, including alternate law firms, thought was not possible. Her belief, support and humour negated any fears and or concerns I had. In short it was a pleasure having Alexandra represent me.

This letter alone does express enough my gratitude.

I have always been asked if I knew a good lawyer, well now I can confidently say “yes I do”.

Hartleys helped me achieve the outcome I desired. Nicci’s advice fromday 1 put me on the correct path, her estimates for costs over a 12 month period were nearly spot on and she put a lot of effort into her work to ensure I got the best possible outcome. Couldn’t be more pleased with the service.

In my opinion, and also that of my daughter and her grand parents, i would find Nicci Bilinsky, as one of the finest and most truthful people I’ve ever had to deal with as well as being a superior lawyer.

My experience with Nicci, was initially loss and frustration from myself but I received full support and truth in return. I was told respectfully what to expect from the up coming court cases, the fees and the process.

Its possibly the best choice I’ve ever made in my life.

Nicci was amazing in my interviews and at court, everything she told me that might happen, did, let alone quicker than expected. She never once gave me a false pretence for me to believe and executed her craft immaculately.

In my belief, and of course my daughter’s, Nicci Bilinsky is too be highly commended and respected as a lawyer, but even more so as a person.

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