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Independent Children’s Lawyer

Independent Children’s Lawyers in Melbourne – Child Custody and Child Maintenance Lawyers

Family breakdowns can be confusing and emotional. If there are minors involved, making sure that they are taken care of is what’s most important. It is important to have the knowledge and experience on your side to ensure that the best outcomes regarding the child custody, and that’s where an experienced child maintenance solicitor in Melbourne will help you.
Independent Children Lawyer Melbourne
The independent children’s lawyers at Hartleys will approach your situation with understanding, and provide a service that offers the best results for both the kids and parents.

We offer both privately funded and government assisted legal aid in Melbourne, and can match you with the best lawyer for child support and maintenance in regards to your needs.

What are the services that we can assist with?

We provide advice and legal help for child custody, child maintenance, and separations involving de-facto relationships or marriages where arrangements must be made to ensure the wellbeing of the kids. It is important to consult with child custody lawyers to ensure that all the steps are taken for a positive resolution.

Deciding where the children live, whom they can communicate with and spend time with are all things that need to be decided upon. Our child support lawyers are based in Sunshine, Fitzroy, Moonee Ponds and Newport in Melbourne are able to arrange court orders and parenting plans (if required), to arrive at an outcome that is best for the fathers, mothers, children and others involved.

Our child solicitors may be needed for the following situations:

  • the preparation of child maintenance orders;
  • incidences of child abduction by a current or former spouse from you as the primary caregiver;
  • court applications for passports where the other parent is not giving consent;
  • mediation hearings to settle disputes;
  • third party representation (eg. Grandparents, aunts and uncles) who feel they have been denied time from a minor or adolescent they feel they have a significant relationship with;

We know it can be confusing when it comes to these issues, and that’s why we pride ourselves on being privately funded and government assisted legal aid child custody lawyers with real advice, and real solutions.

Child Support Mediation

Child Support Mediation involves the initial steps of settling a dispute, prior to the matter being brought before the court.
In many cases, the situation can be worked out without the need of going before a Judge. We can assist with the scheduling and attendance of a conference through a private mediator in Melbourne.

The Family Law Act of 1975 requires couples that are separating to first attempt mediation of their dispute before applying to Federal or Family Court. However, in some circumstances where there is violence involving a family member you may not be required to attend mediation.

When may a Children’s Lawyer be required?

If your case does end up in Court, and there are risk factors including family violence, the Judge can appoint an independent children’s lawyer. Usually this happens in circumstances including, but not limited to the following:

  • instances of alleged cases of abuse and or violence perpetrated against a minor by a member of the family;
  • where there are cultural or religious issues;
  • situations involving one parent seeking to split up siblings to a marriage;
  • where the mother and father cannot communicate and there is a high level of conflict

Our team are experienced in analysing when there may be a need for an independent children’s lawyer, and can discuss whether your case and circumstances may require one to be appointed. If you require child maintenance and child custody lawyers from our team, please get in touch.

Independent Children’s law advice that matters

We are proud of our inclusion on the ‘Independent Children’s Lawyer Panel’, facilitated through Victoria Legal Aid. It means that we represent not only clients, but also the kids. This gives us a deeper understanding of the needs within family law disputes, for things such as child support mediation and legal advice about child custody. It also allows us to provide expert children’s law advice in matters for the parents and families that we represent.

Our Fees

All of our law fees are transparent, and openly discussed during our initial consultation with you, including legal aid and what’s involved. During the process we aim to ensure that the stress felt by each party during the process is minimised. For a better understanding of the costs involved, it’s always best to talk directly to an experienced children’s lawyer in Melbourne within our team.

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If you would like to book a first interview with one of our independent children’s lawyers in Melbourne, please contact our intake officer on 1300 1 LEGAL. We can then match you to the best Family Law Attorney for your needs in regards to legal help for child custody.

We have four offices, located in Fitzroy, Sunshine, Newport and Moonee Ponds. No matter where you are in Melbourne, you shouldn’t have too far to travel to meet with one of our child support lawyers for legal advice about child custody, maintenance and other issues.

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