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Intervention Orders

An Intervention Order is an order imposed by a Magistrate which prohibits a person from certain action. This can include contacting or communicating with the protected person/s, committing family violence, intentionally causing damage to property and restrictions on publishing information relating the protected person.

There are two types of Intervention Orders, Family Violence Interventions Orders and Personal Safety/Stalking Intervention Order applications. A Family Violence Intervention Order can be obtained where your matter relates to a family member, partner or relative. A Personal Safety Intervention Order is where your matter does not involve a relative such as a neighbour.

Our Solicitors are able to provide representation for both types of orders whether you are the Applicant or Respondents.

An Intervention Order application may resolve with the consent of the other party or it may run to a contesting hearing where the Applicant gives evidence. The outcome depends on the attitudes of the parties and whether the Court makes a decision, and the result of any negotiations with the other side.

Our solicitors’ fees in Intervention Order matters are fixed to a lump sum for each stage of our representation. We undertake both privately funded and legally-aided Intervention Order matters in the Magistrates’ Court and the Children’s Court.