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Divorce and Property

Our approach is to help with negotiations or mediation as first priority, and where necessary, advocate your matter in Court. Our solicitors are trained in advocacy, and, where possible, will appear for you before the Courts.

Our solicitors are able to advise you regarding divorce and property matters.


For many, divorce is the final stage of separation. Others have been married, are separated and now wish to remarry. You must apply to the Court for a Divorce Certificate.In order to obtain a Divorce, you need to satisfy the Court that you and your spouse have lived separately and apart for at least 12 months, and there is no reasonable likelihood of resuming married life.If you have been separated under the same roof for all or part of that 12 months, you may still be entitled to apply for a Divorce. It is possible to live together in the same home and still be separated.If your former partner is living overseas or you do not know where he or she is currently living you may still be able to obtain a Divorce certificate through substituted service. Please ask our solicitors about your specific circumstances.Our solicitors can assist with preparing your divorce application, serving the application on your spouse and attending the Court hearing on your behalf.Our solicitors’ fees for a standard Divorce application are fixed to a lump sum.


Mediation is way of settling a dispute without having to attend court. You can attend mediation concerning property and/or children’s issues. A mediation regarding property is called a Conciliation Conference.The Family Law Act 1975 (Cth) requires separating couples to attempt to mediate their dispute before applying to the Family Court or Federal Magistrates’ Court for children’s parenting orders.Our solicitors can assist with scheduling and attending a mediation conference through either Roundtable Dispute Management and Victoria Legal Aid, or through a private mediator.

Our Fees

Our priority is to assist in resolving your matter in the most cost effective way, and to minimise the emotional trauma that a Family law dispute can entail. Our fees are transparent and discussed with you at the beginning of your matter. In some matters, such as Interventions Orders, Divorce, Criminal Law and Conveyancing our fees are capped to one lump sum fee.

If you do not have immediate access to funds but you own your own property our solicitors are able to discuss with you the option of signing an Equitable Charge which would allow us to place a caveat on your property to secure any outstanding costs.